Design*Tools® opera nel design strategico. Dall’idea al prototipo: curiamo tutte le fasi del progetto, inclusa UX e UI, l’ingegnerizzazione del prototipo, la valutazione dei materiali e delle migliori tecnologie produttive, i preventivi sui costi di produzione. Ci avvaliamo di una rete di fornitori in grado di offrire soluzioni molto competitive. Abbiamo ideato e progettato prodotti e intere linee, packaging, spazi e supporti espositivi. Progettare per le imprese richiede una profonda conoscenza della cultura aziendale, delle dinamiche di mercato, della user experience, attraverso i quali un’impresa costruisce la propria offerta di valore.
Dal 2015 ci siamo specializzati in Design Thinking Workshop, UX e UI, abbracciando più contesti, culture e ambiti operativi.
Design*Tools® operates in strategic design. From the idea to the prototype: we take care of all the phases of the project, including UX and UI, prototype engineering, evaluation of materials and of the best production technologies, estimates on production costs. We use a network of suppliers able to offer very competitive solutions. We have designed and designed products and entire lines, packaging, spaces and display supports. Designing for companies requires a deep knowledge of the corporate culture, of market dynamics, of user experience, through which a company builds its value offer.
From 2015 we have specialized in Design Thinking Workshops, UX and UI, embracing more contexts, cultures and operational fields. Founded by Amelia Valletta with more than 15 years of research experiences spanning multiple contexts, cultures, and industries.

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As Project Leader Amelia Valletta has developed projects (amongst others) forVolkswagen, Fiat, Pininfarina, Bertone, Arena, Fiat, Hyundai, Kia, Lamborghini, Alcantara, Audi, Bayer.

Our approach is based on Dynamic Innovation®.It is made on a triad of components: personality, environment and relationship that dynamically interact each other. For example, the personality of a brand, a product or a space design in its elaborative and positional components, is a dynamic system that depends on the environment in which it is inserted and on the quality of the relationship dimensions that it wants to weave with customers.
The design of the experience depends on these three parameters. As one changes, the others vary and the experience will also vary.

Dynamic Innovation® aims at the creation of new values and meanings that people, more or less consciously, are looking for or we would like to search for. The process behind the creation of a brand, a product, a service, a communication campaign, a store, an event is therefore value-centered. The design of their awareness is crucial, because in it the consumer finds the values he was looking for. The motivations for purchase or use them belong from the ability of company to make them penetrate the market. The reading of user behaviors and current customer requests, does not take us too far.

We turn to those companies, institutions, organizations that want to innovate their value and meaning proposition in an increasingly competitive market through design driven process. We support executives across various industries and companies develop innovative approaches to business problems and convey what is meaningful to their internal and external customers. We use proprietary and unique methods based on models and theorists from cognitive science and psychology, neuroscience and ethology. We help companies to design meaningful and valuable: Brand, Product, Service, Communication Campaign, Visual, Interiors and Set, Corporate Event.

Cutting Edge: consistent results in a short time with a adequate budget; make company’s human capital from diversified BU powerfully working together towards the same objectives, aligned with the overall marketing strategy; create a virtuous connection between creativity and business execution; provide learning service based on teaching how to use original tools.